24th of August

The nekos are getting married!

We're getting married

Welcome to our little corner of the Internet. We are actually officially getting married on the 5th of August, but we are celebrating with all of you in style on the 24th and 25th. Honestly, we can't wait! Until then, take the time to browse through the website and don't forget to register! - B & A.

And now, a bit of backstory on how Bilyana met Alex and Alex met Bilyana.

Bilyana: Bilyana was looking for a space for a company event she was organizing and came across Puzl CowOrKing (aka Alex's workplace). She wrote to them on Facebook to ask if they an event space and a very nice girl called Petya answered her that they will have one soon, so she invited Bilyana to come and meet them. A week later, Bilyana showed up in Puzl (an hour late) and met Petya. While they were discussing the upcoming event, a strange tall boy with long hair, eccentric scarf and weird boots (Puss in Boots style) showed up. Petya introduced him as "Alex, our designer", and Bilyana thought to herself "Aha! A designer. That explains his look."

Alex: It was as an ordinary day. Alex had just arrived at Puzl around 10am and had opened the company's Facebook page. For his surprise, he saw that an extraordinarily beautiful girl had written to them. Alas, before he managed to reply to her, his colleague Petya had already answered that they can't help her. Just then, Petya saw the horror in Alex's eyes and she quickly invited the girl to come and meet them. The day Bilyana was supposed to come, for the first time in his life, Alex arrived at the office at 8am, so he could meet her. He spent an hour waiting for her, she still wasn't coming, so he went for a smoke. Naturally, that was just when she arrived. Petya sent an SMS to Alex to warn him, he put his scarf on and ran off to meet Bilyana. Later that day, Petya told Alex that one day he'll marry Bilyana. She was right.

And here we are, three years, one ginger cat and a ton of amazing memories later. It's time to have a wedding. And you are officially invited.


I am Bilyana and I had asked Alex two questions when we first met: "Do you listen to electronic music?" and "Cats or dogs?". Obviously, if we are here he answered both correctly. And if you don't know the correct answers, ask me at the wedding.


I am Alex and I answered both questions in a non-definitive way, just to be sure I'm not giving a wrong answer. I didn't ask Bilyana any questions. I simply bought us tickets to Spain where we first unofficially decided that we are gonna be good together. I also love video games. *pew-pew*



The cozy Lovna Hut in the gorgeous Rila Mountains.


Starting on the 24th of August, leaving on the 25th. Yes, we are partying all night.


A casual wedding party with no ceremonies, but lots of music and alcohol.


There isn't one. No one is in a hurry in the mountains. We'll be firing the BBQ around 14:00, but you are welcome to come whenever you feel like it. :)

Accommodation + Equipment

Where am I gonna sleep?
There are two options - sleeping in a tent or sleeping in the hut. If you are a nature-lover we strongly recommend the tent option. If you are a city boy/girl, we still recommend embracing your adventurous side and sleeping in a tent.

However, if you prefer a solid roof over your head, then go for the hut. Once you register we'll get in touch with you and confirm your accommodation.

What should I bring?
Warm clothes! Yes, it's gonna be the end of August, but the hut is at 1,500m elevation and it gets chilly at night. Also, a head torch so you can see what's happening at night.

If you are sleeping in a tent you gotta bring your own tent (or borrow one), a sleeping bag, a camping mat, and a pillow. Abe, you know the drill. ;)

If you are staying in the hut just bring yourself. There are clean sheets there.

What about food and drinks?
We are taking care of those. There's gonna be a lunch, a dinner and a breakfast on the next morning.

Can I bring my kids and pets?
That is up to you. We gotta warn you that it's not gonna be a very kid-friendly place. There's gonna be lots of alcohol and loud music all night. So you decide.


Lovna Hut is located near the 7 Rila Lakes lift. Here are step-by-step directions on getting there.

1. Drive to Sapareva Banya.

2. From there take the road towards the 7 Rila Lakes lift. It's an asphalt road, it's about 13km long and it will take you to the first station of the lift.

3. Near the lift station there's a paid (unsecured) parking where you can leave your car.

4. From there you'll need to continue on foot. From the lift station to Lovna Hut it's about a 45 min easy walk through the woods. The path is marked with signs, so there's no way to get lost. See walking directions on Google Maps.

Warning! Please do NOT try to reach the hut with your car. The road is tricky, semi-destroyed and you'll be damaging the nature.

See on Google Maps


Please confirm your attendance by completing the form below. That way we're gonna know exactly how much food/drinks we need to get.
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